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Note for all inspection requests: If you are requesting a timeframe, you MUST call our office between the hours of 8:00 & 8:30am and speak with the inspector. Putting a time in the notes is not enough. 30 minute call ahead numbers may be put into the request notes.

Your inspection should be ready when you call it in. Due to inspection volume, we cannot guarantee inspections "later in the day" unless you have spoken to the inspector before 8:30am and they are able to do that. Inspections that are called in and not ready will be subject to a $100 re-inspection fee.


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Effective 02/07/2022
The procedure for Solar Permits changed as follows. Instant permits will no longer be available for new installs.
An approved Electronic routing record will be required before permit issuance. This can be obtained from either the contractor or home owner portals.
Electronic routing can help expedite the process. Please submit a contractor application and routing to permits@prbd.com once the routing has been completed.
Incomplete requests will not be issued.

License Renewals 2022
Contractor license renewal period for 2022 has ended.
You will need to re-apply for an entire new license if you did not renew during the renewal period.

August Commission Meeting for 08/17/2022 -7am, will be available here.

COVID-19 Effective 02/2022
2/4/2022: Visitors are welcome to wear a mask and are limited to 3 visitors at the front office at a time.

Our front counter is open to the public. Fee based permits are issued between 7:30am - 3:30pm (attached)non-fee permits can be issued in office up to 4:30pm or online 23/7.
We continue to have paperwork available for pickup on tables in the hallway. Most documents can be sent in electronically, please contact our office via phone or email permits@prbd.com for additional information. You may also visit our COVID information page on how you may do business without coming into the office. We can also schedule a 'face to face' meeting via Zoom.

Spring Weather Notice:
Roofing & Roof mounted Solar inspections are subject to inclement weather conditions; rain, snow or high winds may delay scheduled inspections.
Please plan ahead, roofing inspections may be around 5-7 days out.

Effective October 7th, 2021 - Important Note Regarding Electrical Code Variance:
We were advised by DORA today that on September 29, 2021, the State Electrical Board amended their motion to grant a Temporary Variance to portions of Article 210.8 (F) of the 2020 NEC.
This variance is to temporarily waive outdoor outlet GFCI compliance for A/C units. Please refer to this document for more information.

Inspection Request

Homeowner Inspection Request

Note, Contractor's must use our E-Gov site to enter requests.

For Roofing Inspections, please refer to the inspection request list before entering a request that you may have already entered. Entering the request a second time may update the request date and place the inspection later in the queue.

Please note that if you are wanting a same day inspection and it is after 8:27am, you should call it in to the office at 543-0002

We cannot guarantee morning or afternoon inspections.

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Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed: New Years Eve, Memorial Day May 30th, July 4th, Labor Day Sept. 5th, Thanksgiving + Friday, Christmas Eve
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